Imagine you're running a business with a limited budget for a software project - say a marketing website. You're looking at 100 software developers who can clearly do the job. Which will you choose?

Now imagine a different project critical to your business that requires special skills - say a brain for your housepainting robot. There are very few developers who can do the project quickly and well. A smart manager will pay top dollar for the right one.

In CompSci, there are some jobs that are easier to do and some that are harder. You can tell which are the easier jobs because more people are doing them and those people are being paid less. Elite computer scientists are the ones that can do the harder stuff. They've done the work to get good at the marketable skills fewer people have, so they get paid more.

G4G is designed to help you decide if you want to be a career computer scientist (CCS). The Genie Projects - starting with 'Keyboard Keyboard' - are there to give you a clear path to 'Elite'.

The best way to decide if you want to be CCS (elite or not) is to start a career in computer science.

To assist in the decision and the career, G4G gets you on the CCS path as quickly as possible by exploring:

  • CCS Daily Life, Business, Career Paths
  • CCS "Forever Projects" - Your Goto Systems, Tools, Marketing Yourself.
  • CompSci Projects, Products, Tools, and "The Flow".
  • Genie Projects To Practice the Flow and Develop Elite Skills and Understanding.

These are the Things G4G Helps You Learn

Managing a CompSci career is like managing your own business. Your time is spent several ways:

  • Improving Skills with Languages and Tools
  • Using 'Flow' Skills Designing/Coding/Testing Software Products
  • Using Marketing (and CompSci) Skills to Create Software Gig Opportunities

Most software development can be seen as Projects for Products. Software Development projects mostly have the same process.

  • Define The Product, Negotiate Your Compensation and Schedule.
  • Design The Project, Product, and Flow
  • Find Good Enough Tools to Make the Product
  • Get in the Product Dev Flow with The Tools
  • Use The Flow to Refine the Product and Design until they Match
  • Deliver the Product

Career Computer Scientists put on several hats. (sometimes many hats in a single day)

  • Business Owner: Finding a gig and negotiating work for pay
  • Project Manager: Designing The Project (Tools, Schedule, Flow) to Produce the Product.
  • Programmer: Using the Tools in the flow to refine the product
  • Provider: Keeping your Career, Famiy, and Personal Goals aligned
  • Citizen: "Have Fun, Do Good, Make Money"

So, do the work to get the skills! Start with Project 01: "On The Way To Elite".

Thank You!

(03-Jun-20) Thanks To Triniti Armour For Corrections and Rephrasings.

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